About Ceedal


I am a Writer, Stylist, Image Consultant and Creative Director based in New Delhi, India.

Born in Algiers, Algeria I spent my life travelling the world, from the African continent to Asia and finally Europe…


I can describe myself as a “citizen of the world” and globe trotter since birth.  Spent my teen years in Paris and a part of adult life in the South of France, I moved back to the motherland Africa and now I am off to new adventures in India.


Although my nomadic soul is no longer on African soil, my roots are well grounded.

I am the blogger behind Ceedal, a blog dedicated to showcasing fashion inspirations, shopping tips and decrypting the latest trends.

 As a fashion enthusiast I truly believe that curating your wardrobe will allow you to have more visibility, and allow you to constitute it with various items while staying true to your personal style.

Ceedal is a destination, not only for everyday styling inspirations, but also a guide for those who love to mix and match items from around the globe to create a personalized unique style.

I am mostly drawn towards fashion, beauty and all things artsy.



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