• Oury Sène

What To Expect

Ceedal aims to reflect my personal style, which I can describe as classic, timeless and simple.

I hope to be relatable and provide looks easy to imitate, with a focus on quality over quantity. Here you’ll follow my everyday life, personal style and clothing designs.

You will be following me on travel adventures, fashion events and a lot more…

What you can expect is a peek in my eclectic closet composed of traditional and modern pieces. Ceedal is written from an African point of view.

Our continent has an emerging army of talented designers and trendsetters. Trends launched by the fashion capitals sooner than later make their way to the African public and translate to the cultural context.

As a modern African woman I personally think style and fashion is a way to express myself and stand out, rather than following what everybody is doing or what is trendy at that moment.

Thank you for reading!

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