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HOMESICK: Tuareg Jewelry And Ankara Print Dress

Settling in my new home away from home New Delhi, everything is new, everything is different.

Thank God I brought pieces of the motherland with me.

Whenever I feel homesick and nostalgic of Africa, I wear Ankara print dresses and tuareg jewelry.

It’s incredible how it has the ability to lift my spirits!

The tuaregs are an ancient nomadic tribe, who live in the Sahara Desert.

Due to the indigo dye they use on their garments that stains their skin they are often called " the Blue People Of The Desert ".

I am fascinated by this tribe and their exquisite jewelry. There is just something mystical, poetic and mysterious about them.

I am the proud owner of several tuareg jewelry sets. They generally come in different shapes and are often embellished with stones or ebony wood, that I love mix and match.

Here I am wearing hand hammered, beautifully engraved sterling silver: ear pieces, necklace, bracelet and cuff set.

It may sound silly but the more I pill the jewelry one on top of the other, the closest I feel to home.

My box braids were kind of old, so I used my imagination and came up with options to camouflage my flourishing roots.

Option 1: Tie a stylish headwrap;

Option 2: Simply style your boxbraids into a glorious cone bun, if headwraps are not your thing.

The Ceedal Studio Ankara Tent Dress: Goes well with the nomadic theme and is simply divine paired with the majestic tuareg jewelry.

The tent dress is very large and flowy for this look, I cinched my waistline with a silver detailed black vegan leather fanny pack, to add a street vibe to the look.

What are your thoughts on this outfit? For the nomads out there, how do you cope with homesickness?

What do you do when you are homesick?

Feel free to share in the comment section down below...

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