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10 Beauty Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel

December 5, 2017




I discovered the wonders of aloe vera about 5 years ago and now I am completely obsessed with this magical plant. So I put together a list of  natural beauty hacks and  different ways to incorporate aloe vera gel in your daily beauty regiment. All you will need is to grow your own aloe vera plant or purchase fresh leaves in an organic shop.


#1 Natural Scrub

 Cut the aloe vera leaf lengthwise and use the inside of the leaf like a sponge to massage the face and body under the shower.


#2  Soothes Irritations

To avert skin redness and irritation, fresh aloe vera gel can do wonders.  Simply apply it on the affected area in a generous layer.


#3 Moisturizer

Replacing your moisturizer with natural aloe vera gel can be a good solution for effective dry skin relief while using a product without aggressive adjuvants.


#4 Reduces Stretch Marks

To recover skin elasticity and  limit the proliferation of stretch marks, use aloe vera gel as a body cream . Aloe vera is a natural tissue straightener.


#5 Natural Anti-aging

Aloe vera is the fountain of youth for your face it will restore tonus, increase skin elasticity and refresh your complexion. You can use it as a face cream or face mask.



#6 Accelerates Hair Growth

To stimulate hair growth, massage your scalp daily with aloe vera gel. The latter acts on the microcirculation of the scalp it  promotes hair growth, make your hair stronger and more supple.


#7 Softens Hair

 You can use  aloe vera gel as a pre- shampoo or a conditionner to use in the shower before or after your shampoo,  all you need to do is massage your lengths  and scalp which will considerably soften your hair and  limit dandruff.


#8 Natural Make-up Remover

Use aloe vera gel as a make-up remover: an economical, ecological and natural idea. Simply deposit aloe vera gel on a make-up removing disc and proceed to your skin cleansing: aloe vera will facilitate the passage of moisture to your face  and tighten the tissues.


#9 Care for burns

Thanks to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is perfectly indicated to relieve burns:  if its either from a flame or the sun, generously deposit aloe vera gel on the burn and let it work its magic.


#10 Strengthens  Nails

Are you tired of damaged and brittle nails? Leave aloe vera gel on your nails and cuticles for about twenty minutes, enclosing your hands in plastic gloves: the gel and the heat will strengthen your nails and restore their natural glow.


 How do you guys incorporate aloe vera gel in your beauty regiment ? Feel free to comment and share your beauty tips?



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